Using Chair Exercises For Seniors To Get Into Peak Shape

By | September 27, 2014

Making The Decision
From an early age, it is stressed to us about the importance of staying fit and healthy. Physical and mental health go hand-in-hand for a lot of people, and making sure that we take care of both is something that education systems worldwide try their hardest to make sure that happens. The problem is that many of us don’t take quite as much in our physical & mental well-being and the correlation between them both. The problem is that while this is easy to do for somebody in their mid-20s as they can go and join a fitness class or a gym, for seniors it’s a little bit more difficult to just go out there and magically start getting fit.

Many seniors prefer to sit in their own homes and get fit that way – it’s the easiest way to do so, for a start. Because fitness centers for seniors are still quite rare in comparison with your traditional fitness programs for youths, it makes it pretty tough for a senior to go out and even get a fitness education in the public domain! As somebody who has seen many seniors struggle to stay fit for many years and eventually succumbs to weak bones and damaged muscles, it’s important that more seniors start actively taking to staying fit in their own homes instead through doing simple and easy chair exercises for seniors.

The Main Benefits
One of the main benefits of home exercise for seniors, though, is the fact that it can make their own lives far easier to manage. It’s a lot easier to get ready, get fit and stay fit in your home than it is to try and fit your day around a specific appointment that cannot be moved or re-arranged to a different part of the day in the form of a fitness class. If you own some exercise DVDs for seniors, for example, you can take part at any point in the day that you feel like – making it far easier for you to just relax and actually enjoy getting fit, rather than feeling like it’s some monumental chore.

Being able to strike a fine balance between your mood and your plans is very important- if you aren’t feeling up to actually getting fit, then all the evidence in the world points to you making a poor job of it. To actually get fit and active, it needs to be something that you want to do. If you can remember back to Physical Education in school – how eager were you to do it then as it was forced on you? When it’s your choice to get fit, and it’s something you want to do at that time, your results can improve through determination and ambition alone!

One of the most important things about choosing a fitness plan for seniors, though, is making sure that it’s easy on the body and isn’t going to leave you with any serious impacts or pains the next day. Some seniors are, of course, unable to exercise beyond simple chair exercises. If this is the case and you feel like this inability to exercise fully is impairing you greatly, then simple and effective chair exercises should provide you with all of the help that you need to get fit and healthy in no time at all.

Why A Chair Can Be So Useful
There are plenty of exercises that you can do from the comfort of your chair, or with a chair. This is for those who have limited mobility or are suffering from physical conditions that render any kind of high-intensity physical activity to be dangerous. For those who struggle with long terms of standing or walking, then chair exercises for seniors is going to be the absolute lifeblood of your own fitness regime.

Another good time to start using chairs as your main form of balance when you are trying to get is, of course, because of balance issues. You might struggle to stay upright or you may have a weaker side. It could even be your medication that affects your balance, and for those dealing with these type of irritating implications when trying to get fit it can become quite demoralizing. However, it does not have to be as with the simple inclusion of a chair in your fitness regime you can easily negate any problems that you are dealing with in terms of stamina or balance.

Super Senior Strength TrainingUsing Fitness DVDs for Seniors
There are many different forms of chair exercises for seniors that you can take on – and most of them are going to be actionable, in that you can go and try them right now as you are reading this article.

In fact, if you are looking for the definitive list of different chair exercises for elderly people that are safe to try and are going to actually make a reasonable difference to your own fitness levels and confidence, then looking at this brilliant DVD all about chair fitness for seniors is going to be perfect for you! It’s brilliant for easily following along what you are doing and making sure that you are taking the right steps to actually do it in the proper manner.

This will give you all the help you need in understanding the massive importance of using a chair in your exercise regimes. This isn’t some joke – it’s genuinely one of the leading ways that elderly people can use to stay feeling fit and healthy for many years to come, without ever having to leave the house or shell out for expensive training with an expert or in a fitness center!

Chair Yoga
Another popular part of chair exercises is what is known as chair yoga. Chair yoga is an extremely flexible and enjoyable part of staying fit, and is suited for anyone who is either impaired or just spends/spent too much time sitting at a desk! Because it requires very little mobility, despite improving your flexibility, it’s the perfect place to start for those seniors who are sick of feeling cramped up and uncomfortable after a night’s sleep or a prolonged period of sitting down.

Why Use Chairs?
While a series of chair exercises for seniors may not be the most aerobic thing that you can get involved in, it ticks the boxes that we need to see for a successful fitness program for elders;

  • It’s easy
  • There’s little impact
  • It does not require any additional help or support from an expert

This means that you aren’t going to feel the strain of carrying out your chair exercises, and you aren’t going to wish that you had never started once you do get going! The lack of impact means that you can carry on for longer and you aren’t going to put your body under any undue pressure or strain that you will be medically advised to try and avoid at an older age. Therefore, the fear is removed from the exercise and it’s much, much easier to just get on with your day and get the exercises done as soon as possible.

Because you’ll have the massive support of a chair alongside you, the risk of slipping, falling or harming yourself in any capacity is instantly removed. You can improve your life quality, your life span and your general fitness and mobility just by using a chair starting today!

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