Easy Senior Chair Exercises Accomplished At Home

By | June 2, 2014

Many seniors can benefit from using exercise videos at home rather than having to inconvenience themselves by going to a gym and all the hassle involved. At home you can decide when and what time you want to start, switch on the TV or computer and play the video and stop and start as you feel. Low impact is of high importance for all senior exercise routines as this will not give you muscle soreness and affect the joints. I would suggest that you keep in mind the points I mention when choosing your senior chair exercises that you are going to perform in your home.


Chair Exercises For Senior Citizens
These are exercises which one may perform in a chair. Certainly, the first thought coming to mind is that for those seniors whose abilities are limited, these are a great choice. And also, for those with any difficulty walking or standing, it is the exercise of choice. In addition, it is a great choice for those that are taking any medications that affect one’s balance, and also those people dealing with equilibrium or inner ear issues affecting balance.

Better Balance with Chair Exercises for SeniorsThere are in fact, many different forms of popular armchair fitness for seniors exercises. There is even available a DVD called “chair exercises for seniors” one can get and follow along. Also rapidly getting more popular everyday is chair yoga, and this isn’t just with seniors, but also with those individuals having to put in extended hours working in an office. It is such a popular exercise option for the elderly because it does not require too much mobility, and because it is low impact as well.

Just why, for seniors are chair exercises so beneficial? While not the most aerobic exercises, chair exercises improve one’s circulation, burn those calories up and promote better balance. These benefits should never be overlooked or taken for granted as they are so important. And they are also much easier to deal with than those other exercises out there that have greater force and impact behind them. What this means is that seniors home alone are much more likely to actually get them done.

The last great benefit chair exercises offer seniors working out at home, and certainly a very important one, is the greatly decreased risk of slipping or falling when they are sitting in the chair as opposed to when they would be standing and moving. This of course is such a major concern, because the greatest number of fatalities for seniors come from falls and fall related occurrences.

Elderly exercises are just so important for prolonging spans of life, and also helping maintain positive living standards. It truly makes all the difference in the world, finding the right exercises for the elderly to perform. This is one of the reasons why among seniors, chair exercises are enjoying such great popularity today.

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