Creating A Healthy Fitness Regime for Seniors

By | September 19, 2014

Throughout our entire lives, fitness is one of the key aims and goals that we have. Not only is our fitness determined by what we do for a living and how we live our lives – are we smokers, do we exercise – but its determined by how we actually think and feel! In our prime, it’s far easier to get out of bed and just start getting into a healthy fitness regime or an exercise regime.

Toppling Your Youth
Every day starts with a burst for energy and a zest for life – do you still have this when you have retired? For a lot of people, it can be quite hard to muster up the right kind of enthusiasm. For others, the difficult part is creating a healthy exercise plan for seniors. Knowing your limits in comparison to your peak many years ago is quite a tough thing to do!

However, so that you can live a comfortable and happy existence as a senior you simply cannot underestimate the incredible importance of your fitness both physically and mentally. For seniors, it’s more important than ever that you do stay fit and healthy because as you age you will begin to notice several changes in the way that your body behaves and performs. You might find that some of your main attributes as a youngster are now weak and frail. This can be down to degradation, but it can also be down to a lack of exercise – what was once strong can be made strong again, trust us!

Getting Over Old Problems
Being a senior brings its own raft of problems, with the likes of medication far more likely to play a regular part in your life to balance out your blood pressure or any other multitude of problems that growing up can bestow on you. The main thing about picking up an exercise regime for a senior, then, is finding something that is not only realistic but actually enjoyable. At a younger age, it’s far easier to convince yourself to do something like stay fit and healthy. As a senior, it’s easy to lose your motivation.

Creating motivation is needed by many of us and by striving for better results and new goals it is not that hard, this is true no matter what age you are. When you feel like you have done all you can take a picture of someone you admire who looks like the person you would like to be and that will drive you to reach higher goals for your fitness and a healthy mind with no boundaries.

Don’t let the monotony of being a senior bring you to a point where you accept boredom or being frail. As an active human being, you have a duty to yourself to stay fit and healthy and make sure that your future is as bright as it possibly can be! Whatever it is you want to achieve as a senior, you can do so with the right guidance in your life. Does this all sound like it may be a little bit out of your depth or beyond your knowledge?

Super Senior Strength Training for Seniors
Hope Over Fear
Then fear not, because there are plenty of ways that you can exercise properly and safely to actually see major benefits from what you are doing, even if you are limited to simple chair exercises due to a physical condition. Exercise regimes can be bespoke made for seniors, and it’s important that they are as general training tips for younger people can be left as quite generic and basic so that everyone can follow them. With a senior though, it’s not quite as simple as that. Instead, there has to be a significant amount of tuning to the formula to make sure that the senior is not overextending beyond their actual capabilities.

One thing that many of us don’t think about trying, though, is exercise DVDs for seniors. There are many great fitness DVDs out there that are made exclusively for the elder population, and deal with general fitness regimes and ideas that anybody can take on. Whether you are still in marathon shape or you never were to begin with and are consigned to chair exercises, there is bound to be a quality set of exercises DVDs for seniors out there. This gives you instant, easy access to the fitness training that you need to stay fit and healthy for many years to come!

Using Educational Fitness DVDs
The huge range of options out there on the market at the moment makes it much, much easier for a senior citizen to actually stay fit and healthy. You’ll be able to find products that are in your own range and style, and that cover the type of exercises that you need to work on. A consultation with your doctor will give you a clearer idea of what you should be looking for, as there is exercise DVDs for seniors that cover everything from posture to the quality of how you balance yourself when you walk around. These DVDs can help you find quality fitness and strength videos that will give you a far better idea of how you can stay fit and healthy, as well as strengthen your weaknesses, even if you can only exercise from your chair.

The most important thing for any inspiring senior who wants to get fit is having an actionable plan. There is no point in going out and buying some crazy insanity workout program that is designed for a 21 year old fitness freak! Instead, you want to be looking for something a little more measured. Thankfully, because the world is full of fitness experts who practice what they preach, and the internet provides so many of them with an opportunity to promote themselves to a wider audience, the huge variety out there makes it much easier to do the three things we have spoken about which is;

  • Find a plan
  • Stay motivated
  • Get in action!

Of course, if you want, you could always consider joining a fitness center. It’s a great way to get yourself in shape with the help and supervision of an expert, and there and more and more fitness centers for seniors starting up all across the country. They can provide you with a wide array of unique benefits that you simply could not get if you were to try and do these exercise regimes on your own. While a fitness DVD for seniors may give you all the answers you need to get fit on your own, you may lack the motivation of ability to do so.

Therefore, having an expert on-hand to look after you can make the whole thing much easier. Not only do you get to socialize more, but you get to have active supervision and encouragement at all times. The problem is with the cost –centers aren’t cheap, and can leave you high and dry when it comes to getting extra help funding the treatment for yourself.

Therefore, the most important thing that you can do if fitness centers for seniors is out of your financial grasp is to get yourself in a position where you can start doing the right ideas & methods. With so many fitness DVDs for seniors out there something will stick for you permanently!

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